the tabu against questioning the Holocaust

Why can there be subjects of historical inquiry that are off limits? It is currently illegal in many European nations to question the official or generally accepted account of the holocaust of European Jewry during the Second World War.  This is no distortion nor exaggeration.  European readers are well aware of these restrictions. Our purpose […]

2 thoughts on “the tabu against questioning the Holocaust

  1. Artur Pepper

    HOLOCAUST doesn’ exist ! ….we must stoped this fake of history … in the war died 60 000 000 goy and few jews and they to do big problem, HOLOCAUST doesn’t exist – tha’s it

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  2. Artur Pepper

    ….all of elites jews escaped to USA and Russia and today makes shit on all the world – first answer for holacaust fake , all of “american” paniters from the the ’40 , ’50 ’60 ………….. are 99% are jewishe elites which escaped from Europe …..the hypocrysy of this shit doesn’t has end

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