Turkey plays nuclear card, warns EU it will flood Europe with millions of refugees

Turkey says the “migrant deal has ended”, and it may unleash millions of refugees onto Europe.

Angela Merkel’s fragile deal to keep migrants (displaced by US/EU wars) contained within Turkey’s borders is about to fall apart, and with it so too goes what is left of the European Union.
What is playing out could have been predicted back when the incompetent Merkel rushed off to Ankara to make a deal with Erdogan to stem the migrant flow.


9 thoughts on “Turkey plays nuclear card, warns EU it will flood Europe with millions of refugees

  1. alexanderrados

    It sounds like a threat of war. This is precisely the time to start talking about who the real culprits are, Israel with its Zionist agenda, the US and the UK both ZOG-Globalist controlled and Germany for the same reason. Once people understand these basic facts, Israel and out traitorous governments will be in a very isolated and vulnerable position, then justice can be served. The Reich Was Right!

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  3. Michael Krausler

    All this really means to my daily life in the BABYLON ZOO is…maybe they’ll bring back bus conductors…. and they’ll be Cuntmonkeys/sand niggers/mystery-meat monkeys and/or other shit-skins.

    U.K. is so fucked ….and has been for so long….=Declining THIRD WORLD SHIT HOLE since the 80’s at least.

    Never seen a WHITE man in a BMW M4 here,extremely rarely in an M3….and….my options for a Spouse are Loony Feminist SJWs my age or younger, or “pensioner aged” women….and some of those even have MONKEY boyfriends.

    And people wonder why I am not Overjoyed !!!!!

    All we got is the freemasonic/jew/soros funded/planned “Euro Civil War” thing….but, Truth will out before the end…and POGROMS APLENTY will sort this shit for good.


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