The Kosher Nostra Jew Mafia In America

The Jewish Mafia
Organized crime in America was born of the amalgamation of the two most powerful ethnic crime groups in the underworld of the early 1930s – the Italian mafiosi and the Jewish gangsters. The prime architect of the so-called Jewish or Kosher Mafia, as some journalist referred to it, was Meyer Lansky, who judiciously pulled the strings that brought many powerful Jewish gangsters around the country under the umbrella of the emerging national crime syndicate.

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7 thoughts on “The Kosher Nostra Jew Mafia In America

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    Excellent article. It shows that despite being Jewish, they were just like any other criminal. The interwoven fabric that included Sicilians and Italians, reveals that it was profit motivated and ruthless. The activities in NYC revolved around control of unions, and waterfront activities. Gambling and prostitution were mainstays. It was all about, Crime. Later on, Murder, Incorporated, had Jews and Italians working on criminal enterprises, in an orchestrated and mutual support, where regardless if Jewish or Italian, they could reach across for help from each other, and that established, the NYC Commission, a criminal entity that is supposedly still around. No matter who does what, rather than fighting each other, they work together and a portion of the criminal proceeds are kicked upstairs, which is still happening. In recent decades since the late 1980s, “cleanskins”, or persons without criminal histories, infiltrate government agencies, banking, and investments firms. Taxes are paid and the money laundered.
    Decades ago, while staking out a criminal, he went into a movie theater. Hours passed and only a tiny handful of men went in to see the skin flicks. It was discovered during a parallel investigation, that the movie theater simply peeled off reams of movie admission tickets, filled the coffer with gambling proceeds, paid the taxes, and, had an extensive payroll, which read like a Who’s Who, of known criminals. The MOb, Jewish, and Italians, owned movie theaters, fleabag motels, and other cash businesses.

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