Crazy Feminists At It Again

Women in the US are being encouraged to participate in a strike intended to raise awareness over issues including economic inequality, reproductive rights, civil liberties and ending violence.
The one-day protest on Wednesday, labelled as A Day Without a Woman, is aimed at calling attention to economic bias faced by women.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Feminists At It Again

  1. Its interesting how feminists never talk about The Frankfurt School, critical theory, and how the second wave of feminism was Jewish inspired and led. Furthermore, they never ask themselves why is it that Jewish women (feminists) if not lesbian, openly advocate babies for themselves, but all the dumbed down goy women, can go through hazing rituals, be fat, terrible hair styles, can wear Berkas, and imagine that most men want to rape these ugly cretins !!! And, I have not even touched upon the CIA connections, shoddy scholarship primarily all based on assumption (i.e. critical theory} and the Cultural Marxist take down of western civilization. I think I’ll end it here before I get into mind control ala MK ultra sub project 58 and …To quote Forest Gump “stupid is as stupid does” The Reich Was Right!!!

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