15 thoughts on “Trump

  1. The evidence against him is starting to stack up. I was always skeptical of him from the very beginning. Like many, I thought at least he’s better than Hillary, as it turns out, he just may be more useful for Zionists. In time, it will be very clear where he stands and what his agenda truly is. In the same way, I am very skeptical of Putin. Following the white rabbit, he could also be engaged in Soviet style disinformation, a lot of what is happening in the west, can also be attributable to the 4 stages of the old Soviet take down of a society. Using this model, we would be in the first stage characterized by demoralization, with elements of the second now appearing i.e. destabilization i.e. of the economy, foreign relations and defense. For more info about this check out http://www.whiterabbitradio.net. Ignore the Jewish smear campaign currently going on about him. Also check out Red Ice Creations.com for his interviews there As for me, The Reich was Right!!!

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