4 thoughts on “Oy Vey! 

  1. Michael Krausler

    Via Vlad http://newsaxonvlad.tumblr.com/

    Yes ! !

    We “PIGS” that invented the CARS in this video and the CAMERAS filming this video….and the PHONE he wants police called on…..


    But sand niggers are notorious for the LOW I.Q. like niggers are. IF these ethnics HAD an I.Q. worth more than camel shit….they’d know,….SOMETHING IS UP.

    For continents of other races to allow them to flow in…..they must know a reckoning will wipe them from the face of the Earth, much like Our God has been doing, dealing with “camel fuckers” since 2001. *giggles

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  2. Michael Krausler

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