Jewish Privilege Devours Itself by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

Octopuses can sometimes engage in self-cannibalism, eating their own arms in what is thought to be a stress reaction. What initially begins as a nervous biting of one’s own limbs, descends into frenzy, as bacteria take hold in the resultant wounds. As the infection spreads, and the stress levels increase, the octopus savages its own arms at a rate faster than it can heal, or grow new limbs. Survival in such instances is rare. There is only a terminal fate for a cephalopod in which such behavior has firmly taken hold.

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3 thoughts on “Jewish Privilege Devours Itself by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

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  2. This article does raise an interesting aspect of Jews devouring themselves compulsively, like the octopus. Though I am in favor of any approach that undermines Jewish control or power, I see this one as kindling in the big metaphorical bon fire that is needed. Ultimately, until the people, the courts, the governments of the west wake up to the need for reason and evidence to establish the truth of anything, Then the suppression of free speech and politically correct mind control bullshit will continue. Yet, this is a positive development; the only thing I am left wondering about is; why isn’t Eric Pickles position up for review i.e. his tea and biscuits account, should be enough to have him resign ignominiously. The Reich Was Right!!!

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