4 thoughts on “If You Had A Time Machine…

  1. Michael Krausler

    “And although you use the term Aryan, we’re actually Adamic Man, because we are true Israel, the Tribe of Judah over here in Germany and JEWS ARE SATAN from Our Bible.Speaking of which, carry on targeting the CUNTS that are in cahoots with SATANIC JEWS using a Bible with EGYPTIAN SHITE at the back of it,they are called FREEMASONS……


    …FREEMASONS are the PUSSIES that are so angry at God because of the way our punishments been dished out, they like to cop out entirely and have a “cremation of care” where it is EASIER to BE A CUNT than a NICE HUMAN BEING,where a CUM COVERED GAY HAND SHAKE gets you extra favours than if you DON’T KNOW the GAY CUM COVERED HAND SHAKE”


    I’d have a lot to tell Hitler. He was a busy man, he couldn’t know it all..

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