Publication launches eight week ‘Healing from Toxic Whiteness’ training program

If you were to create a satirical product for radical feminists to peddle, it would look exactly like Everyday Feminism’s new “Healing from Toxic Whiteness” training program.
The online course spans eight weeks and costs users $97, limiting accessibility only to those people privileged enough to pay money and spend recreational time healing from fake ailments.

Their insane website

8 thoughts on “Publication launches eight week ‘Healing from Toxic Whiteness’ training program

  1. Rudolf

    Before applying, I’d like to know exactly what I get! Does the bulk package on anti supreymasism include free sessions of hot-yoga in the basement of the lecturer?

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  2. Jewish obnoxious trash, however its always good to point these parasites out to others. Personally, the unsupported assumptions and craven mind control techniques that they use. to hide behind a phony appeal to authority is immediately obvious to me. Expose them, expose them until Der endgültige Sieg.

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  4. Flanders

    The white-skinned jews use it as camouflage to conduct sniping warfare against White people, and they have no other connection to being White. The black-skinned and yellow-skinned jews are the same way – All of them against Whites.
    “Mizrahim, or Oriental Jews originate primarily from Iraq, Persia (Iran), and Yemen, but can be found everywhere from Morocco to Calcutta. Though Mizrahi Jews originally faced severe discrimination in Israel because they were seen as provincial, they are now gaining more acceptance in Israeli society.

    In addition, a community of Jews has lived in Ethiopia for more than 1,000 years. The majority of Ethiopian Jews immigrated to Israel in the 1980s and ’90s, where many continue to observe a number of distinct practices and customs. Like the Mizrahi Jews before them, Ethiopian Israelis have encountered discrimination and have had to adapt to a very different culture.”

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  5. Flanders

    Zero tolerance is a past due necessary policy for negroids on rampages and the jews who promote and encourage them. This is where REAL TOXIC Healing must begin.

    Houston woman murdered in front of her whole family

    “February 28, 2017

    “Two very young black males” shot and killed a Houston woman right in front of her husband and two daughters on Monday evening. They were on a crime spree at the time.”


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