Poland Repeatedly Denying Access to Asylum Seekers at Border

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Poland has been denying access to almost all asylum seekers coming to the country at the Belarusian-Polish border and sending them back to Belarus, a human rights watchdog said in statement Wednesday.

“Poland is putting people in danger by denying them access to its asylum process and returning them to Belarus, where they can’t get protection,” Balkans and Eastern Europe researcher at Human Rights Watch (HRW) Lydia Gall was quoted as saying in an HRW statement.
The European Commission should tackle the issue and make sure that asylum seekers’ rights are respected, Gall noted.


4 thoughts on “Poland Repeatedly Denying Access to Asylum Seekers at Border

    1. Flanders

      Hungary under attack by liberals and left-wingers in the EP

      According to the Government Spokesperson, left-wing and liberal politicians attacked Hungary because of its immigration policy on Monday in the European Parliament (EP), based on complaints by international organisations financed by George Soros.

      “NEW YORK — For the first time, the Dow has passed 21,000.

      The market jumped 200 points when it opened.

      The hike is after President Trump’s speech to Congress Tuesday night.”

      “Anatomy of a German Flamethrower Attack” [WW1]

      The basic German flamethrower combat unit was the twelve-man flamethrower shock troop (Flammenwerferstosstrupp) consisting of two small-flamethrower squads (Kleiftrupps) and four hand-grenade throwers. In the shock troop, the two flamethrower squad leaders became shock-troop leaders.”


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