3 thoughts on “Nikola Tesla’s thoughts on Einstein. “Looks complex but full of shit” summed up.

  1. Coming from a scientist of Tesla’s stature, his comment can not be dismissed out of hand. Also of interest related to Einstein, a lot of evidence has emerged that he plagiarized the Theory of Relativity while working in the Swiss patent office. Gnostic Media and Renegade Broadcasting have looked at this issue in some detail. Anyway. its important to remember that Einstein was a Zionist and advocate for world socialism i.e. Marxism! The Reich was Right!!

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  3. Michael Krausler

    All jews are full of shit.

    They got that “gift of the gab”, “cadence of charm”…that’s all they got.Anything they “invented” wouldn’t surprise me WE WHITES created it, then they murdered that White man and claimed his invention as their own.

    Where the Bible says satans would bruise our heel and we bruise their heads…..always meant to me that THEY would hinder us and our progress in the world,with TAXATION, hiding our exotic tech via polices and we would always give them headaches because we just DON’T think like they do [To be Utter Cunts…see child sacrifices,purim, etc]…..Because our father is GOD and their father is lucifer.

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