3 thoughts on “Alt-Lite

  1. Flanders

    The stealthy jews are eager to hijack movements which have a substantial chance for awakening regular and real people in our society to their satanically-inspired evils. The jews love to misdirect and redefine what those movements had originally stood for. It is a standard tactic which the jews have regularly used, and one which they have, over time, become very skilled at accomplishing in order to reach their intended goals. They use it for the bitterly divisive effects which it usually has against the members of the groups, also. The jews also work that same plan against more mature-minded groups whose members have allowed themselves to remain unaware about the jew’s methods of subterfuge.

    The culture-wrecking jews also love to entice fresh new recruits from normal society into the heavily jewish homo networks by creating false leaders for them to follow, and by providing the platforms for “different” fascinations designed to entice inexperienced younger people who have not yet learned about the duplicitous jewish methods and the means which jewry uses to hide the nature of their subversion.

    All White people need to understand that in these and in any other undertaking it is networks of various jews who operate together against each and every individual one of us. That is because the jews fear a White unity. They will attempt to sabotage any movement designed to accomplish that unity.

    If the jewish media along with older queers and their pedo networks are not out intentionally grooming the young people, then why has there been such a drastically high percentage increase in the incidence of AIDs among younger men within a period of just 2 years? Those fascinations among our youth must be destroyed. We must work to destroy it whether it comes from Hollywood or our grocer’s restrooms. The increases in that disease are not confined with the young.

    “CDC: Gay Men 2% of Population But 67% of All New HIV Cases”

    New infections among younger queers “(aged 13-24) increased 22 percent, from 7,200 infections in 2008 to 8,800 in 2010.”


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  2. Flanders

    The “Gay” Mafia is not a figment of someone’s imagination, and it should be obvious who leads them.

    “The term “Gay Mafia” therefore may be defined as:

    An organized group of homosexuals who use extortion and other illicit methods to exert a controlling influence over a particular industry or field.

    The Gay Mafia can be found in at least three industries or fields: the media; Hollywood; and the Catholic Church.”


    The queer mafia has expanded and has networked into big business.


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