Hope Not Hate Deserve To Be Hated

Hope Not Hate are absolutely despised by the white working class British, and they’ve earned every drop of that hatred many times over, they deserve to be hated, they deserve be treat like pariahs, they deserve humiliation and defeat, they deserve to be humiliated in their defeats. Not so long ago Hope Not Hate’s primary concern was hunting down members of the EDL and BNP, people who committed minor infractions of forcibly implemented multicultural dogma. 

 Somebody had to keep the uppity working class whites in check as they were being demographically replaced and phased out by vibrant immigrants, and the unemployable middle class social science grads which constitute Hope Not Hate’s support, were just the heroes the Globalist political class needed.

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One thought on “Hope Not Hate Deserve To Be Hated

  1. Michael Krausler

    And SATANIC VATICAN JEW comes out with this SHITE.


    The TORAH is ONLY the first 5 Books of The Bible.
    The first 5 ONLY the JEWS CLAIM as their own.

    VATICAN JEW makes NO mention of the Gospels, the Good News….or Jesus Christ, because SATANIC JEWS HATE HIM.

    Apparently this summer, WEB BOT says this #pizzagate leads to to the vatican. NO SURPRISES THERE !!

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