The Black-Washing of World War 1

The Swede-cucks at video game studio DICE thought it was appropriate to add in a bunch of Blacks and Moslems in their World War one shooting game. This, in spite of the historical fact that far less than 1% of the people fighting in Europe at the time were non-Whites.

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6 thoughts on “The Black-Washing of World War 1

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  2. Michael Krausler

    I been known to game out of SHEER & UTTER BOREDOM of a life dictated to [or so they think] by the state….

    NEVER get a chance to be a German Defending Germany & Caucasians.

    With all the options these games have, never get the ONE that means anything.

    Give us the ZULU WARS at least !!!!? We’ll have those fuckin’ SPEAR CHUCKERS.

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