2 thoughts on “When Did This Become This? 

  1. Michael Krausler

    This is when the HOUSE NIGGER that HAD “learned” some MANNERS,[they were barely 5% of the population.] relapsed into being a FIELD NIGGER.

    Since then they have BRED LIKE RATS,so WE CAUCASIANS left those areas, then THOSE areas became crime infested shit holes….and only the lowest income Caucasians didn’t have the funds to MOVE AWAY like the rest had sensibly decided to.

    THESE areas then became the “PRIMITIVE PRIMATE HUBS” because the HOUSE NIGGERS simply slipped back into being FIELD NIGGERS,And since there was then LESS of OUR CAUCASIAN INPUT….NIGGERS degraded back into their CRIMINAL WAY OF LIFE ZOO,because these “boys” had no Humans Watching over them….and their behavior..

    In the USA they are barely 13% and commit 50% of murders…and most of those by the Males,…so that means 6% of the population commit 50% of U.S. MURDERS.

    Tell me WHEN & WHERE this has NEVER been the case repeatedly so, since we unchained them !!!!?

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