4 thoughts on “What Is The Jew World Order? 

      1. Michael Krausler

        Got a tad concerned with this podcast though,


        they all seem to be married to JEWESSES !! [Like alex jones was] They’re everywhere !!

        Part where he says “Wives didn’t act jewey & he won’t kill his wife”, etc,…. is not really the point.

        We can all make mistakes, but, I’d advise them to divorce,repent and Marry a nice WHITE Girl….if they can even find one.

        I can not say with my hand on my heart, an “ethnic” has NEVER EVER been more “polite” to me than a Caucasian has.That’s not the point.

        Our Racial Purity is. As God intended.

        Thats the daily micro interaction of a macro reality.Law of Percentages & Chance.

        Today’s Greeks, for example are NOT the “Ancient Greeks” as we now term them.Caucasians were the “Ancient Greeks” before we migrated north westward.Up from The Holy Land !

        Caucasians are Caucasians, Greeks have olive skin.

        But it is [logically] to be expected that we witnessed DILUTED PERIPHERIES in the gene pool around Our Lands,….Today we have non-Caucasians right next door, if not mutating hybrids in SJW Tartlet daughter’s knickers *with “daddy issues”.

        I am “all for” their “Nationalism” as long as races are kept separate [at least] to Ours. But, The Bible doesn’t tell me that. The Bible says THEY FLOOD IN,…BUT, WE inherit the Earth and Gog/Magog invasion is part of our punishment and will end with non-Caucasian’s end. And since all the EVIL SHIT described in The Bible IS HAPPENING to us….I can only pray the GOOD STUFF happens soon, also.

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