8 thoughts on “Trump: Bastard & Betrayer

  1. The way it’s shaping up, the only thing that can pull Trump’s presidency out of the ash heap along side of Obama, would be if Trump under executive order, decrees Constitutional Carry, and full, unrestricted restoration of the Second Amendment. If not, stick a fork in him. He’s done.

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  3. Michael Krausler

    I think the whole…..Trump thing, helps wake people,… but, when so much was so very obviously intolerable under the MONKEY, revoking SOME of it…to make it feel too good to be true…. feels like a SET UP !

    And from what SATANIC JEWS PLAN [designed crash of economy to bring in albert pike’s race war, then NWO,then offer luciferianism] and what The Holy Bible says will be something to be endured until the end and if NOT for God, we would “Go Under”.

    Even Hitler and German might was eventually brought down by this SATANIC power. 😦

    If just a 2% population of this world [SATANIC JEWS] control of so much, in just 300 years & deceive so many, doesn’t prove Supernatural aspects of this world, [Not even mentioning the Bible] then nothing will.

    Trump’s ok, until he shits the bed and fucks us over somehow. *fingers crossed

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