Exclusive Whitefish Rabbi Breaks Silence With a Warning to Jews: Nazism Is Alive and Well in America

When Rabbi Francine Roston and her family moved from suburban New Jersey to remote Whitefish, Montana just over two years ago, they anticipated lots of change: less stress and pressure, and time to enjoy all the outdoor recreation that their new area has to offer.
They did not expect that David Duke would be tweeting the rabbi’s picture and that they would be at the center of a neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic whirlwind.


8 thoughts on “Exclusive Whitefish Rabbi Breaks Silence With a Warning to Jews: Nazism Is Alive and Well in America

  1. Michael Krausler

    Just hope they don’t forget to AIR DROP GUNS N’ AMMO this side of the water when SANITY takes over.

    There’s only so many pointy sticks I can make pointy…. !

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  2. Flanders

    A Muslim girl and Jewish boy supposedly protest Trump together – But, both of the fathers look like jews. The jew press seems very excited about it.


    They also have an article about that Rabbi in the article you linked with the standard jew-spin. Have you ever known of a jew to leave someplace where they were “successful” to travel and live in the hinterlands. Those communized jews only leave from their communal kehillahs when they can’t make a go of it, or when they are complying with higher orders. Most Rabbis are more in the nature of military officer classes responding to international banker orders than they are to being “religious”. This jewess came to Montana with the intent of breaking and dividing what the jews saw to be a remaining refuge for White order.

    They travel to such places to ally with any existing minorities, and to divide and split Whites by appealing to the weaker-minded whites among the population who don’t understand their intent, and who have a good-faith but mistaken belief that the jews can be taken at their word. It will take some people a long time to learn that to remain White they must never trust jewry and resist those attempts to divide.

    Note that the Rabbi had already quit the pulpit before finding God and “religion”.


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  3. Flanders

    The jews have set it up there so you must subscribe to view their articles. It’s another form they use for censorship. It was becoming dangerous since normal people have learned those closed doors where jews contain their lies among each other safe from exposure to the outside world.

    I suspect that Rabbi knew fully his purpose for moving to Whitefish. It’s one of the few areas remaining largely White and the jews wanted to break the now magic allure of Whiteness. He is a heavyweight, being a Rabbi accustomed to the jews communal-style of living, and had that purpose to be abrasive and combative all along when he went there.


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