Fuhrer fury! Locals complain after 25ft face of a laughing Adolf Hitler is beamed onto an office block near to where he died – all in the name of art

An art installment featuring a 25ft laughing Adolf Hitler beamed onto an office block has caused unrest among locals.
Residents complained about the grinning face of the late Fuhrer which is displayed on a building near the spot he killed himself 76 years ago.  
Despite dozens of calls to the police, and the fact Nazi propaganda is banned in Germany, officers had already given the go ahead for the light show as part of a festival. 


Facebook in anti-Semitism row as site automatically translates anti-Nazi post into vile ATTACK on Jews

Facebook is at the centre of an anti-Semitism row after it emerged that its automatic translation software was spewing out vile, anti-Jewish diatribes.
One post written in German, which criticised neo-Nazis, was wrongly translated to produce a rant about ‘dull hollow, dirty Jews’ who were ‘a disgrace to our country’.
Another post in Hebrew, written by Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett, was twisted by the software to suggest a Holocaust victim was killed by ‘the master race’.

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Lenin-The Jewish Architect of European Genocide


Holodomor AvatarSince the very vocal collapse of economic Communism has coursed an unavoidable explosion of activity surrounding the Jewish Bolshevik mass slaughter in Europe a skew often centres on the the years 1932 to 1933. This was horrific and loss of life has been listed as anywhere between 7 million to 7.5 million, although, figures have been as high as 10 Million deaths. Yet the butchery had been in place for a decade already Vladimir Lenin (Genocide)due to Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Blank.  Better known as Vladimir Lenin. This Jewish Communist terrorist, mass murderer, propagandist and dictator of the Soviet Empire, established after the Jews took control of Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, is the architect of European genocide.  In fact the nature of their Jewish revolution was extermination and not betterment of Europeans. While it was the Jew Karl MarxKarl Marx, with the help of his teacher Moses Hess the philosophical father of Zionism, who…

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Black Murder Violence Swamps US

There were 15,696 murders in America in 2015, and nonwhites made up the vast majority of offenders, according to the latest FBI statistics.
According to the FBI, 70 percent of all murder offenders in the U.S. are nonwhite—but they include all Hispanics as “whites,” which means that the actual white offender rate is tiny.

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Black Murder Violence Swamps US

An Outlaw’s Diary: The Commune 1923 : Hungary’s short-lived 1919 Communist Republic and the Jewish reign of terror under Bela Kun.

It was fate that dubbed this book An Outlaw’s Diary, for it was itself outlawed at a time when threat of death was hanging over every voice that gave expression to the sufferings of Hungary. It was in hiding constantly, fleeing from its parental roof to lonely castles, to provincial villas, to rustic hovels. It was in hiding in fragments, between the pages of books, under the eaves of strange houses, up chimneys, in the recesses of cellars, behind furniture, buried in the ground. The hands of searching detectives, the boots of Red soldiers, have passed over it. It has escaped miraculously, to stand as a memento when the graves of the victims it describes have fallen in, when grass has grown over the pits of its gallows, when the writings in blood and bullets have disappeared from the walls of its torture chambers.

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Bloody attacks on Danish girls by immigrant gangs.

Still, it is better than being called a racist.

Shocking bloody mutilation of young Danish girls: 15-year-old girl was attacked and cut in the face by three young immigrant men.

For the second time in a few days it happened again, reports Lokalavisen: a vile, bloody assault against women.

Last night a 15-year-old girl from Birkerød was assaulted and cut superficially in the face with a sharp object. No more than a few days ago, 17-year-old Emilia (pictured) was subjected to a similar bloody treatment: Her cheek was cut from chin to ear by a a gang of four youths. The vile, bloody assault happened on a path in Hannerup in Fredericia, another place of the country.

Nordsjællands Police say that the 15-year-old girl reported the assault at 20:46. She went on a forest trail and was attacked with a push in the back. She fell and rolled over, and then a person sat on top of her and cut her in the face, after which he and two others ran from the site.

The perpetrators are described by the Nordsjællands Police as:

3 men of foreign descent, 18-25 years old, all with beards, one with an army cut, the other two well-trained and used lots of perfume.

Bloody attacks on Danish girls by immigrant gangs