Forget the politics – Brexit may be unlawful


he circumstances surrounding the EU referendum are so bizarre, so chaotic and so impassioned that it is easy to overlook the fact that the UK’s withdrawal from the union would simply consist of two administrative acts performed by the government, acts that are subject to well-settled forms of legal analysis and legal evaluation. The government decides that the UK will withdraw from the EU; and the government notifies the European council of that intention.
There is strong reason to believe that the government’s withdrawal decision would be unlawful, and hence that the notification would be invalid.

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MERKEL’S WORST NIGHTMARE: Germany calls for Referendum as ‘people want to be free of EU’

BELEAGUERED Angela Merkel is facing calls for a referendum to free German people of “EU slavery” in the wake of Britain’s sensational decision to cut ties with Brussels.

Far right figures in Alternative for Germany have promised to call their own vote if they clutch power in country’s general election in autumn next year. 

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Aurora South of Australia

Aurora South of Australia : On June 24, 2016, Expedition 48 Commander Jeff Williams of NASA photographed the brilliant lights of an aurora from the International Space Station. Sharing the image on social media, Williams wrote, “We were treated to some spectacular aurora south of Australia today.”

The Enormous Natural Wealth of Poverty Stricken Haiti

The great tragedy of the 7.0 earthquake that [almost] destroyed the nation of Haiti has many wondering if that nation can ever recover. 


In fact, as you read this Haiti continues to be a disaster zone of unprecedented magnitude. Lots of money has been raised, but victims of the earthquake in Haiti are still absolutely desperate for food and water.  

But even as Haiti struggles to recover from [this] disaster, information is coming to light that the key to a brighter future for the Haitians may have been lying under their feet all this time. It turns out that there are massive reserves of gold and oil in Haiti. These abundant natural resources could be used to rebuild Haiti and give those people an incredibly bright future – if someone else does not sweep in and steal those resources first. 

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Red Cross apologizes for ‘Be Cool’ swimming poster over racism claims

The American Red Cross issued an unusual apology Monday regarding a recent poster it created and distributed that advises children to be safe — and “cool” — around swimming pools this summer.
The poster was uploaded to the Red Cross’ swimming safety mobile application as well as various swimming pool venues around the United States.

Under the campaign called, “Be Cool, Follow the Rules,” the poster depicts several children swimming and others playing around the pool. Some of the misbehaving children are identified on the poster with an arrow that says, “not cool” — while two other responsible children are labeled as “cool.”

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UK ‘Rapper’ Threatens To Run A Migrant Sex ‘Train’ On Nigel Farage’s Young Daughter

Lunar C – real name Jake Brook – tweeted ahead of Britain’s European Union referendum that he and “his pals” would “run a train” on Mr. Farage’s daughter. He did not specify which daughter, but Mr. Farage’s young girls are aged 9 and 15 respectively.

The comment went largely unnoticed at the time, apart from a few supportive retweets from Mr. Brook’s followers. Mr. Brook has, this afternoon, reached out to Breitbart London to apologise. He has also deleted the tweet.

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Iceland wants UK to join Nordic alliance of non-EU countries

After knocking England out of the European football, Iceland hopes Britain will join a new union after Brexit, shaping a northern “super-triangle” together with Norway.

The countries do not belong to the European Economic Area (EEA) or any part of the EU.
Grimsson suggests that after Brexit, the countries will potentially play a big role.
“It is about trade, diplomacy, commodities and several other fields,” Grimsson said, stressing that the Arctic, or the far north, would become more important not only in a European, but in a global context as well.

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Video:16yo Dindu sucker punches 12yo White kid while wearing knuckle dusters

A Faulkner County teen is being charged as an adult in a 

battery case after prosecutors became aware of a YouTube video showing 

him striking another boy.Kane Millsaps, 16, pleaded 

not guilty June 3 to first-degree battery, a felony, and possessing an 

instrument of crime, a misdemeanor. Police say Millsaps hit a 

12-year-old boy while wearing brass knuckles.Millsaps

is seen in the 23-second video flipping off the camera while wearing a 

set of brass knuckles on his left hand before punching the 12-year-old 

boy in the face. 

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