Weirdo Woman named Beautiful Existence spends £5,000 to marry HERSELF in lavish Paris ceremony 😂

A WOMAN named Beautiful Existence has married HERSELF while on a romantic trip to Paris.
The 42-year-old bride and groom in one — who changed her name from Desiree Longabaughm — picked a spot underneath the Eiffel Tower for the romantic ceremony.
Surrounded by three friends and wearing a casual white dress paired with Converse trainers, she recited vows that she had written to herself.
All in all, she estimates she spent between £4,200 and £5,000 on the wedding – including flights, a week-long stay in the French capital and combining her birthday celebrations with the event.
As Beautiful couldn’t find anybody in France to oversee her service, she had it solemnised over Skype by an officiant from the US.

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