Amanda Blackburn was raped and murdered in a home invasion. She was pregnant with her 2nd child

The silence from the White House is deafening! 

When a black thug is shot by a cop Obongo goes on national TV to say how tragic it is. Plus he sends White House reps to the thugs funeral! And yet whites are being brutally murdered everyday by these savages with not a sound from Obongo.

Amanda Blackburn, with her husband, Davey, and son, was pregnant with the couple’s second child when she was raped and killed. 
A teen has been arrested in the rape and murder of a pregnant pastor’s wife in Indiana during a home invasion, police say.
Amanda Blackburn, 28, was shot November 10 while she was trying to protect her 1-year-old son, who was sleeping in her home when the break-in occurred. Blackburn was found by her husband, Davey Blackburn, and died two days later.
Police say 18-year-old Larry Taylor was arrested November 23 on a preliminary charge of murder. Two other suspects, Jalen Watson and Diano Gordon, are also in custody, but have not yet been charged, Fox 59 reports.

National Socialism VS Corporate Democracy/Corporate Socialism

After World War II -Cultural Marxism, Keynesian Economics, and the private Banking System has allowed for Diversity & Multiculturalism to be propagated into Educational Institutes and the Entertainment Sector which has created Pluralist Societies centered around Democracy and intertwined around Political Correctness, Micro Aggression, Nano Aggression, “Social Justice”, and Safe Space.           

     Meanwhile, simultaneously, Cultural Marxism, Keynesian Economics, and the Private Banking System has allowed for for a “Redistribution of Wealth” to be created through the “Progressive Tax System” which has Regulated & Restricted the National Economy and killed Small Business therefore weakening the Job Market. It has also allowed for Free Trade Deals to be signed which gives Corporations control of the State, “Bail Outs” to be introduced allowing for failing Corporations to stay alive. By receiving “Bail Outs”, Corporations then engage in Stock Market “Buy Backs” while firing their work force and restructuring in order to have mergers and monopolies occur therefore receiving an unfair advantage over their competitors that did not receive a government “Bail Out”. Presently, governments have also signed “Bail Ins” in order to save Institutions and enforce Austerity Measures eliminating much of the power of Public Service Sector Unions in order to pay back Debt held by Foreign Investors. At the same time the “War on Terror” has created a Refugee Crisis which will create not only an Underclass of Workers but also force Identity Change and Cultural Chaos inside nations because of Pluralist Societies centered around Democracy and intertwined around Political Correctness, Micro Aggression, Nano Aggression, “Social Justice”, and Safe Space. 

     The “Perfect storm” is brewing and yet, majority of people are unaware of it, sleep walking their way directly into it. 

1.) So how does it feel to know that you vote in Democratic Elections for Politicians who work for Globalists and Internationalists instead of for you?

2.) How does it feel to know that the Private Banks are the real winners of World War II & the Cold War -not “Freedom” or “Democracy” as you are made to believe?

3.) The real winners between “National Socialism” and “Corporate Democracy” is the State, the Banks, the Institutions, and the Corporations.

4.) The world you lived in, created, and left behind is far worst than the one you were born into? (except for the advances of technology)

6.) That the “Redistribution of Wealth”, the “Progressive Tax System”, and the “Welfare State” has in fact created more Poverty for ALL. “Redistribution of Wealth”, the “Progressive Tax System”, and the “Welfare State” has not solved ‘nor alleviated Poverty but instead has created Debt for ALL. In fact, presently there is more Dependency on the State than ever before.

7.) Citizens are no longer loyal to their Country but instead are loyal to their Pluralist group that they are a part of. In fact, many people do not even know what it means to Identify with being a citizen of their own country ‘nor can they define what it means to be a citizen of their own country.

8.) Now, we are all “Statists”. With that said, the enemy of the State is “Free Thinkers”, “Voluntarists”, “Anarchists”, “Nationalists”, “Libertarians”, and “Traditionalists” -all of whom the State and Statists label as “Right Wingers”, “Fascists” and/or “Terrorists”.

9.) “Marxism” espouses Globalism and Internationalism, “National Socialism” strengthens the Nation and it’s citizens first and foremost. This is why “National Socialism” continues to receive Propaganda vilifying it through the Mainstream Media, Institutions, and the Entertainment Sector. This will continue to be the case, until the Marxist New World Order is formed.

10.) National Socialism does not try and force “Equality” as the Liberal and Marxist narrative would like the global masses to believe. Forcing “Equality” does not allow for “Meritocracy” to grow and strengthen but instead allows for “Tokenism” to grow and strengthen which is detrimental to society, the country, the individual, and the world as a whole. There are differences in people and there is beauty in that. People do not come in “one size fits all” packages. Especially when you realize that the same society that believes in “Equality” also pushes Specialization, Hierarchy, and Expertise rendering the “Equality” narrative null and void yet proving the “Tokenism” narrative as valid.  

11.) “Guilt” should never be forced on Individuals in order to force “Equality” and “Co-Existence”. Co-Existence is a natural Development not through forced “Political Correctness” and the creation of anxiety and fear in one group at any one time.

12.) National Socialism is a threat to the Marxist and Liberal Global narrative because it allows for the Country to Nationalize their Banking System which allows for it to be Decentralized from the the Private Banking System in place based solely around Usury and creating Debt. This means in simplicity that the Nation works first and foremost for it’s own citizens not for banks. The country and the politician are not controlled by Banks and Foreign Investors who own Government Bonds. 

13.) It is Globalists and Bankers who have always used “terrorists” in order to fulfill their Globalists plans. It is the Globalists and Bankers who have gained the most from Destabilization.

14.) Loyalty to your nation is a threat to Globalist and Internationalist agendas. Loyalty to your nation comes before the demands of Pluralism and Pluralist groups. This is why Globalists want “Pluralism”, “Multiculturalism”, and “Integration” to succeed. So it weakens loyalty to your nation and weakens your Identity. When you are confused about your identity, your loyalty is split into many pieces.