German journalist goes into hiding after saying “refugee crisis” is a money-making industry


‘Politicians and the media are making money from illegal immigrants an asylum seekers, says Udo Ulfkotte, a journalist famous for publishing a magazine called “Whistleblower”, which reports the news mainstream media doesn’t.
Ulfkotte told RT that he’s “always laughing” when people say “profit is on the side of people smugglers… people, who rent houses, the landlords.”

He said that in Germany, political parties make money because they “themselves run refugee camps.”

He also said “Journalists are getting paid for nice stories about refugees. They get money; they get donations; they get prizes for good stories to open the pockets of the people.”

The Role of Women in Nazi Germany


womanchildI started this blog some seven months ago as a site for women, but well, a war came to my continent and things change during war. Meanwhile I’m still a woman and we women now more than ever need the guidance of Wise Men. So here are some words of wisdom on the basis of party policy and the role of women in Nazi Germany, explained by Emilie Muller-Zadow, a member of the National Socialist Women’s Organisation. If anyone understood the true natural role of women it were the Nazi men.

The place that Adolf Hitler assigns to woman in the Third Reich corresponds to her natural and divine destiny. Limits are being set for her, which earlier she had frequently violated in a barren desire to adopt masculine traits. The value and sanctity of goals now being set for her have been unrecognised and forgotten for a long time; and due respect…

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‘Never let a crisis go to waste is the theme of the left. Every crisis must be used to seize power, money and property for the agendas of the left. The Muslim migrant crisis in Europe is no different.
The arrival of huge numbers of Muslim illegal aliens has created housing issues. Refugees may be housed in places known for pure evil, like Buchenwald or the Frizl house. But that’s not enough. A natural target for leftist activists were the summer homes, those symbols of bourgeois indulgence. Let the Muslim migrants have your summer homes has become the clarion call’



What the hell am I looking at?

‘Last year, the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) conducted a politically correct purge of their guidelines, removing any reference to fact that mothers are women, for fear of offending the transgendered. But now, an alliance of midwifes, mothers and experts have began to fight back, insisting that it is “dangerous” and “harmful” to deny the “biological reality” of motherhood.

In 2014, with little consultation, MANA decided that being a woman was not a necessary or relevant factor for being a mother. They edited their core competencies document, and in effect ordered practitioners to stop referring to clients as “women” and “mothers” demanding they say “pregnant people” and “birthing individuals” instead’

Study on “Muslims in Germany”: 94 percent is against integration, 24 percent of young Muslims inclined to violence, 51 percent think Islam will prevail on Earth


‘More than 85% declare themselves to be religious or very religious.

94% agreed with the statement that immigrants in Germany should keep the culture of their country of origin.

For a huge part of these Muslims (52,1%), religious instruction meant to attend a Koran school

The proportion of those with fundamentalist orientation is significantly increased among those who visited a Koran school (50.8%)

The longer the visit of a Koran school, the higher the rate of those with fundamentalist orientation.

43% agree with the statement: People who modernize Islam destroy the true doctrine.

47% agree with the statement: I believe that every good Muslim is obliged to convert unbelievers to Islam.

66% agree with the statement that Islam is the only true religion.

45% approval: Only Islam is able to solve the problems of our time.

51% approval: In the long run, Islam will prevail in the whole world’

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Study on “Muslims in Germany”: 94 percent is against integration, 24 percent of young Muslims inclined to violence, 51 percent think Islam will prevail on Earth

Fingerprints reveal whether you’re black or white: Distinctive patterns show whether a person is of African or European descent


But I thought race wasn’t real & we were all the same. I wish they’d make their mind up.

‘Researchers have found there are distinct differences in how fingerprint ridges split between people of European and African ancestry.

The researchers claim their findings could prove useful not just for anthropologists but also for modern law enforcement when trying to profile suspects.

They analysed the prints of 61 African American women, 61 African American men, 61 European American women and 60 European American men.

While they could not find any significant differences between men and women, they did find significant differences in the level two details of fingerprints between people of European and African descent’