Israel’s Mossad may have turned French spies into double agents during joint op – report

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad attempted to turn French spies into double agents during a joint operation in Syria, Le Monde newspaper reported, citing a French intelligence report.

The report, part-published by the French daily, reveals Mossad’s efforts to develop relationships with French spies between 2010 and 2011, in an effort to achieve its goal of turning them into double agents and obtain sensitive information for Tel Aviv.

Model, 27, left housebound by crippling migraines is CURED through past-life hypnosis – and she goes back in time to 1700s America where she helped to save the lives of slaves

A model whose crippling migraines left her housebound claimed they were cured by visiting her past life.
Jasmine Charles, 27, was left feeling anxious, drained and isolated after suffering from the debilitating headaches twice a month for three years.
But they suddenly worsened in October when she began to have a recurring dream about the slave trade in the US in the 1700s.

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Progress: Interracial Faggot Children’s Book Released!

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Huffington Post:
A powerful new children’s book is telling the story of a farm boy and prince who meet, build a friendship and eventually fall in love in the face of adversity.
Promised Land, by authors Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris, borrows elements from classic fairy tales and utilizes them in a queer and empowering framework. Not only is the book presenting a same-sex love story in an accessible and understandable way, but it also bucks the “damsel in distress” narrative by having the central female character, a queen, be the one to save herself.

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EU worried migrants will shop around for best return deal

Financial incentive. Reward for good behavior. Gift. Bribe. Call it what you like, but payments to migrants to encourage them to return to their countries of origin are now key to Europe’s migration policy. They are also creating a problem.
The amount offered in so-called assisted voluntary return payments varies considerably across the EU. Migrants in Germany, for example, can receive upwards of €5,000 in payments and in-kind assistance to leave, while those in the Czech Republic receive nothing. That has created perverse incentives, with the European Commission warning about migrants “shopping” around for the best deal.

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In Wake of Jihad Attack, Corbyn Declares: “We Need to Deal with the Issues of Far-Right Extremism Within Our Society”

This is like a parody of leftism. Asked on the (((Robert Peston))) show about what changes he would like to see to in the Prevent programme, which is designed to deal with the problem of Muslims wanting to kill the kuffar whose country they are colonising, Corbyn, leader of the British Labour party, declares [starting at 6:37 on the video]: