Shitlib Face Of The Century

Chateau Heartiste



Felix Engelhardt is a huge open borders cucked-up lefty in German politics. But really, the story here is that face, which may be the consummate shitlib physiognomy, a perfect facial palimpsest revealing the libfruit worldview underneath. The chinless androgyny, the smug grin, the manletry, the skin pallor which hasn’t seen sun in years, the happy merchant hand clasp….it’s all there in a soyfed shitlib package that cries out for a punch.

I don’t know about you but my disgust threshold is triggered. This guy makes Pajamaboy, Matty Iglesias and Dylan Mathews looks like milk-chugging Chads.

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Le Pen: ‘It’s Time To Do Away With the EU’

Marine Le Pen, the frontrunner in the first round of France’s upcoming presidential elections, has declared it is “time do away” with the European Union (EU), which has become a “bureaucratic monster”.

According to EU Observer, the Front National leader told journalists it is time to “build another Europe, whether madame Merkel, monsieur Schulz or the other Commissioners want it or not”.


You reap what you sow

‘The French Bureau of National Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA) yesterday published a shocking announcement. On 21 February in the French town of Bondy, just outside the Boulevard Périphérique, two Jewish brothers, 29 and 17 years of age, were driving their car on the Avenue Gallieni around 21:00. According to their father, an important man in the Jewish community of Bondy, his sons had their heads covered with a kippah’

South Africa: White Genocide Continues with 15 Murders this Month

There have been at least 15 farm murders in South Africa since February 1, 2017, the minority civil rights group AfriForum has announced as it held a wreath-laying ceremony in the town of Middelburg where British national Sue Howarth was tortured to death in the latest such attack by blacks on whites in that country.

Germany: Jewish group decries migrant voting exclusion

A Berlin-based voting rights group has begun a campaign to expose the scarcity of German parliamentarians with migrant origins. Citizens For Europe says “every political party” must improve its representation.

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