If it’s not the Jews ……

…. who are the instigators of this NWO. Could you please explain to us ….


1/. ……why JEWS make up two tenth of one percent of the population, yet represent a whopping seventy percent plus, of high positions in global government?



2/. ……why it is not the four leaf clover, nor the Australian kangaroo, nor the Islamic crescent in the centre of £20/50 and $ bill – it’s the JEWISH star of David?



3/. ……why is it that the ONLY area in history one is not allowed to question, in sixteen countries without facing incarceration, happens to be JEWISH history?



4/. ……why is it that the JEWISH Protocols of the Learned

Elders of Zion are the exact blueprint manifesto for this NWO?



5/. ……why is it that out of ALL the multitude of holocausts throughout history* – it seems to be only the JEWISH holocaust which is constantly shoved in our faces?



6/. ……why the complete members of the American congress gave an unprecedented 29 standing ovations to the JEWISH president?

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Submission Is Woman’s Calling

Chateau Heartiste

i loved that he was so powerful i was nothing.

From anonymous, who misses the mark by equating psychological submission with sex.

one of the pretty little lies of the pua “community”, perhaps the PRETTIEST little lie is that when a woman had sex with a man that she has “submitted”. or that when she falls in love with a man that she has “submitted”. the whole point of birth control, of the state-wielded women’s “rights” bludgeon, is so that women can enjoy sex and power without submitting. she can even birth children without “submitting” via an epidural and C-section.

in every way white women are collectively trying to avoid submitting, unless of course they are forced to. but what happens when society has pretty much banned/demonized all of those traditional ways where women were subjected to submission? game is supposed to be an antidote for ALL THAT. pfffft.

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Will Old Photos Save America?

Chateau Heartiste

No manjaws, no tats, no blue hair, BMIs under 23 and glowing with feminine energy. These photos of Olde America are painful to look at, knowing how much we have lost since then.

Idle thought: how much influence does photography have on cultural continuity? Will photographs save America from the fates of other empires? When Rome was declining, Romans didn’t have photos of Olde Rome to remind them of what they were losing. They had myths, fading generational memories, and sculpture, but if they had photos would they have evaded their collapse?

If we had no mid-century photos, would we have forgotten by now what American women, and America, used to be? Would we be able to fondly, vividly, and instantly recall that America was once a shining titty on a hill?

Because we have photos and can look back at a better America, will it be the secret ingredient…

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Germany’s biggest newspaper publishes helpful kuffar etiquette guide for Ramadan

Diversity Macht Frei


During the period of fast, as much as possible you should avoid eating at your desk in front of your Muslim colleagues or offering them food or drink.

Prayer is also part of Ramadan. Show understanding if your Muslim colleagues withdraw for prayer for somewhat longer.

As Ramadan falls in the hot season, high temperatures can be a burden for those who are fasting. Show understanding if your colleagues’ ability to concentrate and perform is perhaps somewhat limited.

Ramadan is the time for inner reflection and meditation, so hold back with offensive jokes.

At the end of the fasting period you can wish your colleagues “Happy Bayram!”


As even this absurd etiquette guide notes, prolonged fasting impairs job performance. All employers should stipulate in their employment contracts as a condition of hire that Muslim employees will not observe the Ramadan fast. There is no reason why the rest of…

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The Myth of Hitler’s Survival: It’s Time to Put this Rumor to Bed!


c_looks_filmproduktionen_gmbh_-_hitlers_letzter_auftritt_im_hof_der_reichskanzlei_vor_hitlerjungen_am_20The last photograph taken of Adolf Hitler, April 20, 1945.

by James Harting


Some 73 years have now elapsed since the end of the Second World War and the freewill death of Adolf Hitler. An enormous body of literature has been written since that time on the National Socialist period in European history, including its origins and aftermath. The amount of documentary evidence collected from the period can be measured in cubic tons.

Every scintilla of credible evidence that has been produced indicates that Hitler did indeed take his own life during the last days of that catastrophic conflict. And yet, there are some today who refuse to believe that Hitler died under the shattered ruins of Berlin, and that somehow he escaped to parts unknown. Among historians, both Revisionist and mainstream alike, this is known as the “Hitler survival myth.”

It is long past time that this tall…

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